【Official】Hotel Arstainn

Not just to follow the trend, but to a long-lasting future

1 minute walk from the JR Higashimaizuru Station South Exit.
We support business trips and leisure stays with 92 rooms and ample facilities on 10 floors above the ground.
Maizuru is also a conference room on the 10th floor for meetings and meetings in Maizuru, and a rental room that can be used for desk work or a small number of people.

Excellent location and secure parking lot

  • Parking is possible from ordinary cars to large cars

    The hotel's parking lot is right next to the hotel, has a wide frontage, and there are no height restrictions, so you can park with confidence. Free parking is available for hotel guests and guests using Cafe de Jubankan. 

    Since you can park from ordinary cars to large cars, we can meet a wide variety of needs from sightseeing to business.

    *If you are coming by a large car of 2t or more, please contact us once.

Bike bicycle parking lot Fully equipped with a covered bicycle parking lot! ~For those coming by motorcycle~

  • We have created the "I wish I had" for those who ride motorcycles and those who ride bicycles.

    We have renovated the bicycle parking space to welcome many bike riders and bicycle cyclists in the best condition.It is a space where you can feel the expanse based on the grain of wood.
    If you take a picture of your motorcycle or bicycle in this space, it will look great, so please take a picture of your car here.
    Hotel Arstainn has a surveillance camera / lighting / chain / air compressor installed in the covered bicycle parking lot so that motorcycle customers and bicycle customers can park with peace of mind.
    , Please make a reservation for a bike plan Hotel Arstainn
    Alstein supports the fun MOTORCYCLE LIFE.

Accommodation reservation

  • We guarantee that the price of accommodation on this website is the lowest price.

    If you complete the Internet reservation member registration, you can make a reservation smoothly.

    *Internet reservation members and Alstein card members are separate registrations.

    ○Hotel Arstainn is so convenient!
    1 minute walk to Higashi-Maizuru Station, the best location! Shopping malls and drug stores are right around the corner
    Free parking for hotel guests!
    We will keep your important luggage before check-in and after check-out.
    Free breakfast for guests(Currently takeout lunch format)

Information on convenient rental items

  • Convenient rental items during your stay Hotel Arstainn

    At Hotel Arstainn, we offer a variety of convenient rental items to make your stay more comfortable.
    Please take advantage of it.

    Rental items
    Humidifier/yoga mat/shoe dryer/Air cleaner/pillow (low pillow),memory foam pillow)/iron/mobile charger/trouser presser/bicycle/umbrella/Hair dryer /Stationery/Extension cord

    There is also a convenient space on the 2nd floor that can be shared.
    Microwave/coin laundry/water server/massage chair

Notice of our qualified invoice issuer number

  • Notice of Eligible Invoice Issuer Number

    With the introduction of the "eligible invoice storage method (invoice system)" from October 1, 2023, we will inform you of our eligible invoice issuing business registration number as follows.
     Thank you for your consideration.

    【Our registration number】 T4130001043221

    It is also published on the National Tax Agency's invoice system eligible invoice issuing business website below.

Official LINE! looking for friends

  • Hotel Arstainn Official line has started! Under recommended coupon delivery

    LINE Official account started! We are looking for friends to praise.
    The latest information on Hotel Arstainn and the latest news on Cafe de Jubankan In addition, we plan to update the best benefits for accommodation.

    We look forward to your registration.
    *Search for an ID from "Add friend" on LINE, scan the QR code on the screen, or click the link.
    Hotel Arstainn ID: 807tdqgd
    *Please note that we do not chat.

To all examinees

  • First, take a deep breath!

    This season. . .For students, this is an important season to decide your career path.At Hotel Arstainn, we also offer humidifier rental for students who come to stay overnight before taking entrance exams.

    We can also arrange taxis for you to take your exams or enter your school, so please feel free to ask our staff for any questions you may have.
    This season has many things to worry about.We hope you can stay with us with as much peace of mind as possible.

    If only minors (under 18 years of age) are staying, please have your guardian fill out the Accommodation Consent Form linked below and bring it with you.


  • Have a good time at Jubankan's coffee.

    The free breakfast (held from 6:30 to 8:30) only for our hotel guests is an early departure. . .I will give you a voice.
    At Hotel Arstainn, we would like such customers to enjoy the popular coffee at Cafe de Jubankan Hotel Arstainn, so we will start a free coffee service from 6:00 to 6:30 from March 18 (Saturday). I will.

    In the morning, have a "genki" coffee at Jubankan.

Efforts of Hotel Arstainn regarding the relaxation of wearing masks from March 13

  • Relaxation of mask rule

    In accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, from March 13, 2023, it is the customer's own decision to wear a mask.
    In addition, Hotel Arstainn will continue to do the following due to hygiene considerations.

    〇Installation of alcohol disinfectant at the entrance and at the entrance of the dining venue

    Employees will continue to wear masks.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Free breakfast for hotel guests

  • Free Hotel Arstainn Breakfast for guests

    A complimentary buffet breakfast is available for guests.
    We also have take-out boxes so you can enjoy your breakfast in your own room, so please enjoy your breakfast either as a buffet or as take-out.
    So that everyone can enjoy breakfast with peace of mind
    Please take measures for the following items.

    ・We may ask for your cooperation in avoiding crowding.
    ・Take out within 1 hour
    ・Please cooperate with hand sanitizer.

Free water supply stand has started!

  • May my bottle be a "bottle-free" world

    I started the water supply stand.

    On the second floor of HOTEL ARSTAINN
    We have set up a free water supply stand on the 2nd floor of the facility that guests can use freely.

    We at HOTEL ARSTAINN have begun a "bottle-free" initiative to reduce PET bottles as much as possible.

About service when room cleaning is unnecessary

  • If cleaning is not required, 10 Alsta points will be awarded.

    Until now, when it was not necessary to clean the room, we handed over mineral water, but with the "Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Law" that was enacted from April, we are sorry for the inconvenience, but on June 27 ( We will end this service on Monday).
    If cleaning is not required, 10 points will be awarded for each cleaning.
    You can also exchange it for the "Alstein Original MY Bottle" shown in the photo with 100 Alsta points.
    If you have not yet enrolled in the Alstein Member's Card, please consider it.

Hotel Arstainn's SDGs Initiatives

  • Let's think about Future

    HOTEL ARSTAINN will celebrate its 23rd anniversary on October 10, 2023.
    Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)
    We have been creating and working on the future in various ways since our opening.In addition, since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, the entire company has been thinking about and working on the global environment.From now on, we will provide comfortable and safe facilities and reliable and reliable services to a wide variety of customers in Japan and overseas.

    We will continue to revitalize together with the local community, contribute to society, and continue to run with the goal of coexistence.

    We also believe that improving customer service cannot be achieved without improving employee satisfaction, so we will strive to create a rewarding workplace.

From June 27th, room amenities will be replaced with front desk amenities.

  • Our efforts to reduce plastic waste

    In an effort to reduce plastic waste, our hotel asks guests to pick up room amenities from the front desk amenities bar.
    We aim to "reduce plastic waste" by selecting only the necessary items.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    Hotel Arstainn recommends "bringing MY amenities" and "repeating use".

Hotel Arstainn latest information! follow me Instagram

  • Hotel Arstainn Instagram

    1 minute walk from the south exit of Higashi-Maizuru StationI would like to share with you the scenery, daily life, sightseeing, and MaizuruWe are also waiting for accommodation and reservations.
    The latest accommodation plan and information Hotel Arstainn, Maizuru's DEEP spots, stories updated almost every day, and introduction of new menus at the cafe on the 1st floor are updated.
    We are also looking for nice photos of everyone during our stay.
    #hotelarstainn #Hotel Hotel Arstainn

Accommodation Features・Facility

  • Conference room Conference room

    [Available time:9:00 to 21:00】

    It can be used in many styles such as meetings, interview venues, training venues, seminars, and telework.
    ・DVD video/Whiteboard/Full screen.
    ・Wi-Fi SPOT
    ・Free Internet connection via Wi-Fi
    ・Please use up to 15 people.
    ・For guests using the conference room, catering is available from the hotel 1F Cafe'de Jubankan.
     Please ask the staff.
    *Please prepare your personal computer and projector.

    Usage fee 1 hour /¥ 1,650(Tax included)

    We forbid use for commercial purposes
    Conference room Precautions for using the conference room:
  • Rental office

    [Available time:9:00 to 21:00】
    Please use it as a telework / mobile work / meeting / relaxation pace.

    【Luxurious benefits available at rental offices】
     1. Security management in all rooms
     2. LAN / WiFi connection
     3. FAX transmission / reception(Sent ¥ 100/1 sheet ・ Reception free)

    Type A: 1 hours/¥ 550(Tax included)
    Type B: 1 hours/¥ 770(Tax included)
    *The photo is A type.

    We forbid use for commercial purposes
  • Laundry room

    In response to customer requests, a coin laundry room was born.
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Hotel Arstainn


20-5 Minamihama Town, Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture

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1 minute walk from JR Higashimaizuru Station South Exit, 5 minutes by car from Higashimaizuru IC. (About 3cm)
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