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Maizuru sightseeing

  • Welcome to the sea of Maizuru City, Kyoto

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  • Maizuru, north of Kyoto, facing the Sea of Japan.The city has a beautiful contrast between the beautiful coastline and the red brick architecture that makes you feel the retro atmosphere of Meiji and Taisho.Introducing the charm of Maizuru, where you can enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of the former Japanese Navy, and recommended sightseeing spots.

Recommended Maizuru spring

  • 並 A row of cherry trees in front of Maizuru Medical Center
    A row of cherry blossom trees extending from the upstream of Maizuru Yohoro River.The cherry blossoms in front of the main Maizuru Medical Center are the highlight.
    It is very popular as a cherry tunnel.
  • 古 A 300-year-old tree and a pair of 80-year-old cherry trees are in full bloom.Large weeping cherry trees are rare so far, and some people come from far away every year.
  • Originally a former naval military site, volunteers planted cherry blossoms after the war, and it is now one of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Maizuru.There are 450 cherry trees and 1200 azaleas in the park, which are brilliantly colored from spring to summer.
    Japan devastated after the end of World War II.There were people who gave wonderful gifts to Maizuru City, which was a naval port in northern Kyoto.They are Japanese American American soldiers from Hawaii whose parents are Japanese immigrants to the United States.
    When they arrived in Japan as soldiers, they were attracted to the beauty of Sakura for the first time, and planted 100 cherry trees at Kyoraku Kyoraku Park other places in Maizuru City, saying, "Let's regain the richness of the heart." Did.

    They are called "Aloha Cherry Blossom" because of the spirit of Hawaii where the soldiers came from.
    Quote:Aloha Cherry Blossom Conservation Sea Homepage
  • It was held as "Maizuru Air Base Summer Festa" until 2018, but it was held in May from 2019 and the name was changed to "Green Festa".
    At the Kitasui Quai Wall, which will be the event venue, helicopter display flights, fire engine experience rides and tours, aircraft ground displays, control tower tours, etc. will be held.
  • The festival was held on the eve of Battle of Sekigahara, with the historical figure of the The First Castle Owner of the Tanabe Clan, Battle of Sekigahara “Yusai Hosokawa”-ko.
    The fact that a basket castle was performed in Tanabe (currently Maizuru City) is used as a pillar of the festival.

    As of 2020, he is an ally of Mitsuhide Akechi NHK Taiga Drama (Long Running Historical Drama)"Kirin ga Kuru (Awaiting Kirin)" 
    Tanabe Castle where Yusai Hosokawa is the lord.Every May, festivals are held based on historical facts.
    Also, on the day, there is a wide variety of events and food stalls.