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Maizuru sightseeing

  • Welcome to the sea of Maizuru City, Kyoto

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  • Maizuru, north of Kyoto, facing the Sea of Japan.The city has a beautiful contrast between the beautiful coastline and the red brick architecture that makes you feel the retro atmosphere of Meiji and Taisho.Introducing the charm of Maizuru, where you can enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of the former Japanese Navy, and recommended sightseeing spots.

Recommended summer Maizuru

  • ✿ Minato Maizuru Chacha Festival
    The sparkling light of the sea and sky brightly colors the night of Maizuru!
    The "Minato Maizuru Chatta Festival" is a festival that enlivens the summer in Maizuru City, and is named after the dialect of the Maizuru region, "Chatta".At the fireworks display, which is the main event, Star Mine and "Minna no Fireworks" launched by the "Mai Fireworks Donation" of 1000 yen per unit gathered from the citizens will brilliantly color the jet-black night sky.In addition, stalls will open on the day of the event, and it will be very busy.
  • ✿ Ryuguhama Ryugu-hama Swimming Beach"Canceled in 2022』
    ✿ Ryuguhama Ryugu-hama Swimming Beach is Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture, facing the Sea of Japan.It consists of two beaches, Mihama Beach and Kobashi Beach.
  • ✿ Kanzaki beach(Opened in 2022)
    It will be opened in the summer of 2022 for the first time in 3 years!  
    The shallow beach, which stretches about 2km from east to west, is one of the leading beaches on the Sea of Japan side.A beach characterized by wide sandy beaches and pine forests carried from the Yura River, a first-class river. You can park your car in the nearby parking lot for 1000 yen.
  • Nohara beach"Canceled in 2022』
    It is a shallow beach in the west of the Oura Peninsula, and it is a beach where the waves are very calm and it is relatively easy to swim.In addition, the area is designated as Wakasa Bay National Monument, and the rich nature overlooking the offshore islands is attractive.